What we Do Best
DuOptimal AB was founded with the focus and commitment to contribute to the Transformational Journey of companies, teams & individuals. 
With years of experience & strong capabilities, our services & solutions are all about ensuring your (Du)Optimal Success!

DuOptimal Value-Service Packages

VALUE SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE – Monthly subscription charge.

  • Choose your topic / topics. 
  • Each topic has a subscription rate attached. 
  • Each service subscription includes a number of hour sessions and personal contact via agreed channels.

DuOptimal Services

Sustainability Strategy & Planning – UN Agenda2030

Sales Strategy

-Customer Obsession

-Sales Ops

Organisation & Culture

-Customer loyalty

-Personnel motivation

-Agile Organisation & Leadership

-Agile WoW


VALUE Time&Material PACKAGE – Hourly rate

Time & Material set up;  Same service offers as for the subscription based package. Aligned with your needs and requirements, we agree on outcome & deliveries.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

We will review your sales and marketing strategy to boost profits and gain ground on your competitors. 

Customer Loyalty & Personnel Motivation frameworks

Do you want your customers to be both satisfied & loyal to your brand? We help you to understand and implement the difference! Do you want to increase your personnel motivation? There are frameworks and tools that will have a sensational effect. Let us show you how.  We collaborate with Inspiration company.

Digital Transformation

Our services supports your organisation, regardless of size or sector, to implement an effective and relevant digital transformation strategy that will
take you into the future!

Data Insights & Cloud Management Strategy

At a time when most major companies are showing a long-range commitment to “data-driven culture,” data is considered the most prized asset. 

Circular Economy / Sustainability transition strategy

Guiding you to achieve environmental and climate objectives, secure our welfare services and the competitiveness of the business sector and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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